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Optional Features

The Original OSA-LATOR® also comes with many optional features:


Optional Table Riser

Used when mounting the table directly to the floor or a flat plate and the routing of utilities via the central access column from beneath is required. Sized to match the same mounting hole pattern of the base frame. Allows utility access from four sides while providing the structural integrity required to maintain positional repeatability resulting from e-stopping. Made of cold rolled steel dimensional blocks, 3w x 2h x 4l, they come with the same bolt and dowel pin hole patterns of the base frame. The hole patterns are provided on both the 2 and 3 faces allowing a corresponding choice of rise by rotating the pads 90 °.

custom mounting arrangements are also available. Contact Us for details.

Dual Drive Option

Figure A - 'In Line'

LP500-2X-EP Tooling Ready Structural Top ' model


Optional Drive Orientation

All models whether the T ' full-height or LP ' low-profile , Dial-Top ' or the traditional Tooling Ready, Structural Top ' versions, are designed to accept either one or two brake-motors depending on the actual loading conditions and performance parameters required by the application. The default mounting position or single or dual-drive is an In-Line ' orientation, Figure A'. Alternately an optional Parallel ' mounting orientation is available at no additional charge, Figures B' and C'. This features allows latitude in the tooling design should additional clearance be required below the plane of the table top.

Figure B - 'Parellel'

LP2000-2X-EP Tooling Ready Structural Top ' model

Figure C - 'Parellel'

LP2000-2X-EP model with table top removed


Auxiliary Air Brake


Additional Options

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