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Features & Benefits

The Original OSA-LATOR® by High Point has many features and benefits including:

  • Vibration Free- naturally ramped accel-deceleration
  • Accurate Positioning- Repeatable accuracy of ±0.002.
  • Fast Cycle Times-Up to 1.5 sec
  • Self-locking- Our unique orbital-lock drive naturally locks

Fast Cycle Times with Smooth Operation

±0.002 Repeatability

  • Cable Access The system has a hollow 4.5 diameter central access
  • Cycle Speed- Constant cycle times regardless of load size or location.
  • Rock Solid Platform- Minimal platform deflection when loading one station while welding at another.
  • Splatter Resistant
  • Ultra Compact Package
  • Long Life Simple yet effective design yields high reliabilty and maintainabiltiy

Central Cable Access

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